ninipicA Marketing professional and a poet at heart, I am a person who loves experiencing life as and when it comes. But sometimes I take a detour from life and let me lose myself in the lap of mother nature, in the mysteries and the beauties that she has created. And being this creative and crazy traveller, I have created this blog to share with you all the joy and the happiness that travelling and exploring gives me.

As a travel blogger I love to bring alive the essence of a place through its culture,traditions,heritage,people,sights,folklore etc. to inspire people for the adventure called TRAVEL.

I hope you all love reading up my these snippets from my travel life and share with me your wonderful stories as well.

Thank You.


miraclesulagna πŸ™‚


  1. If you remember there was a show musafir hu yaaro
    πŸ€” I ignored that one Because of lack of interest in those days as a kid.But I have 110% faith in you that you can revive that level of show / vlog in future

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