Best Nepali Thali in Kathmandu

EXPERIENCE NEPAL…through the lens of my guest writer Ms. Apurba Roy Chowdhury 🙂 (

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Relishing Nepali cuisine in traditional style

Are you visiting Nepal? Then I am sure you are visiting Kathmandu, the capital city of the Himalayan kingdom.

the gourmet host

Once in the city, one of the first things that one must try is the local food. Of course, one should eat all the momos that one can, but the true unique food from the country is the traditional thali. Also called ‘Thakali’, it indeed is a platter filled with unique flavours.

And for getting the feel of the best traditional thali, I have just the right place for you. And the place with the best Nepali thali in Kathmandu is “Paru Thakali Kitchen”.

With dad @Paru Thakali wearing traditional Nepalese cap purchased from Thamel

Located in the city centre of Thamel, this restaurant in bang in the middle of the all the hustle bustle of the city. Buzzing with tourists from around the world, Thamel is full of all kinds of restaurants, with lots of food variety. Nevertheless, whenever we asked anyone where to eat the Nepali thali, while in Thamel, all the voices said in unison, “Paru Thakali”.

Inside the restaurant

The restaurant is on the first floor. There are three types of seating options in the restaurant. One is the old table chair combo, other is the sofa seating, the last and the best option is the floor seating. I recommend opting for the floor seating. Sitting on the floor is very cozy and gives you full comfort while you are eating the traditional food (with your hands). You can rest your back on the wall and leisurely enjoy the food.

Inside Paru Thakali Restaurant…

The staff is very amicable and they serve you food with lots of love. One of the best parts of eating food at Paru Thakali is the fresh and generous amounts of ghee (clarified butter), that they serve the food with. At the onset, as they pour the hot ghee on the rice, you already feel your appetite rising.

The sumptuous Thakali…  🙂

The key items in the meal are: rice, daal (lentil), two curries (one dry and one with more gravy), 2 achaars (pickles), salad and papad (lentil crisp). I especially loved the mushroom curry, it was just heavenly.

You can sit, chat and enjoy your food very comfortably. There is no rush, and all the fatigue in your muscles from the roaming around, will be soothed by the wonderful taste of the food. The thali is so tasty, you are bound to overeat and you will go back with a very satisfied tummy.

Nepal is famous for its metal items especially brass metal work. A display of brass utensils in the restaurant

My overall experience

I was travelling to Nepal with my parents and we loved this place so much that two out of the three days we spent in Kathmandu, we had dinner at Paru Thakali. We also tried out the thali at couple more places in the city, but this place clearly stood out.

The place is open from 9 am to 11 pm and offers many other things on its menu apart from the thali.

How to reach

Location of the restaurant

Paru Thakali Restuarant and Kitchen

Do visit and let me know your experience. Happy exploring! 🙂


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